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What Can Homes With Options Do For You?


Homes With Options is not an estate agent. We are an introducer and broker for lettings and seller financed properties. We are experts in Rent to Buy (or Rent to Own, and Rent to Sell for sellers), which is an efficient, flexible scheme that offers both the buyer and seller tailor-made, individual options on each property. Rent to Buy creates a unique contract for every property, which consists of a buyer purchasing a property over a fixed yearly term, while they live in the property and pay monthly rent as they save for and add to the mortgage deposit. (Discover more about our beneficial Rent to Buy scheme, through Homes With Options, in our article here.)

Through embarking on a flexible scheme with Homes With Options, you will get complete peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. We take full care of our buyers, and make sure that we cater to their individual needs and criteria as they navigate through Renting and Buying the property. We match up ideal buyers and sellers, with bespoke contracts that should satisfy everyone. We will also make ourselves contactable and approachable for issues regarding the property and the Rent to Buy scheme.

If you are a buyer, interested in purchasing your ideal home through Rent to Buy with Homes With Options, then we can make it work for you. With each individual buyer, we firstly assess their needs and ask for their certain criteria and what they want out of their desired property. We will need to know certain information, such as how much money is saved towards the potential property, and how much the deposit would be.


For Example –

John is a pub manager and earns £18,000, Becky is self-employed and can only prove £8,000 of her earnings but will be able to prove earnings of £16,000 in next years tax return. They also have a deposit of £6,000 saved up.

They would love a 2 bedroom house on a quiet estate and the average selling price for this in their chosen area is £129,995. So they need to be confident that between them they will earn enough in 2 years time to be able to get the mortgage they need. They can choose to carry on saving towards their deposit, and/or ‘top-up’ on their rental payments.

If they topped up their rental payments by only £100 per month, they would build up an extra £3600 in 3 years and together with their £6000 down payment would give them a £9600 deposit towards the £129,995 purchase price.


Homes With Options can also assess, based on needs, savings and overall income, how long until the buyer would be able to secure a mortgage on the property. We can make every timescale and scheme unique, based on those needs and our assessment of the buyer.

Homes With Options offers overall fair fees for the buyer. We would base this on the amount of deposit put down initially, and the overall amount that the property has been agreed to sell for.

Homes With Options makes sure that every Rent to Buy scheme is fair and individually catered for the needs of every buyer and seller, and that a bespoke contract is drawn up to suit their needs.

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Figures are intended for illustration purposes only, Homes With Options do not give financial or mortgage advice.  You would need to get independent advice from a financial professional regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to be confident that you will be eligible for a mortgage when any lease period comes to the end.