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Want to Rent to Buy? We’ll Find Your Perfect Home!


If you are interested in our Rent to Buy scheme, but aren’t sure where to start looking for your ideal property, we can help. Househunting can be stressful, and an even greater unnecessary burden trying to secure a property to Rent to Buy. Here at Homes With Options, we can take the headache out of househunting: we will find your perfect home for you!

All you need to do is contact us and let us know exactly what you want! We will need certain personal information and contact details, including an idea of your income, or projected income and how long approximately you would need to Rent before your Buy. As well as an idea of your income, we would require your desired approximate price of your ideal property, as well as the area you would be looking to live.

In order to make our search cater to your needs as much as possible, we would also appreciate certain specific details about your dream home. This includes the type of property, whether house or bungalow, and how many bedrooms, bathrooms, living room areas, for example. You can even specify the type of garden and exterior space you want, including a garage and car parking requirements.

Some other factors to consider, as well as the regional area you desire, is whether you want to live on a housing estate, street, village or any other option. It also benefits you to think about your future requirements for the property, including the distance to the nearest schools, and whether you would require, or be willing to do, renovations in order to add value to the property.

Also, any other details that will help you find your dream home: just let us know! We have an experienced team here at Homes With Options who will find you your ideal Rent to Buy property! We can provide a shortlist of options for you to visit with us, which will give you complete peace of mind.

Find your dream home today! Find more about our Rent to Buy scheme here, or simply get in touch with us here for more information!



Figures are intended for illustration purposes only, Homes With Options do not give financial or mortgage advice.  You would need to get independent advice from a financial professional regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to be confident that you will be eligible for a mortgage when any lease period comes to the end.