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Our Testimonials

Homes with Options was founded in 2012 by commercial property investor Emma Jones. Emma started out in 1998 buying property in the South Wales area and now helps buyers and sellers with their property dilemmas, helping people to buy and sell happily and flexibly!!

A first time buying couple:

We didn’t think we could get onto the housing ladder with only a £2k deposit, but we were willing to work hard to add value to a property and that’s just how we made it work.  Homes with Options found us a lovely 1 bedroom cottage, the lady owner had died and the family were looking for a hassle free sale.  It only had one bedroom and a small bathroom but we saw the potential to add a conservatory to add room to the living area, reconfigure the kitchen to allow for a larger bathroom and also move the stairs to allow for an extra bedroom and en-suite upstairs, we thought that these changes may add around £50k to the value of the house!  We were willing to do the work so Homes with Options worked with the seller to allow us to put our deposit as a downpayment, buy the property at a price fixed on day 1 and even gave us an 8 year option period to buy it over!

We are so happy that we will be able to build the value of the house and hopefully only need a 70% mortgage on it when we’re finished.

Thank you! Claire & Gareth M, Swansea

A seller let down by a buyer pulling out of the sale:

Hi there, Homes with Options helped me to sell my home last year (2013), I really needed to sell quickly as I had found my dream home and was in a chain.  When the buyer for my home backed out, I thought everything was over, that I would lose the home I wanted to buy and that the whole chain would fall apart.  Emma found a buyer for my property within 9 days who offered me full market value if I allowed them to buy over 5 years.  I was then able to move into my new home and couldn’t be happier.  I’m even making more money than if I had sold in the first instance!

M. Jones, Maesteg, South Wales

…a seller in distress:

My situation was a dire one.  My husband had left me with 3 children, I struggled to pay the mortgage for over 2 years on my own but then my shift pattern changed in work and I struggled with childcare so I had to drop some shifts through my working month.  This in turn made me around £300 short every month and I soon fell behind with my mortgage payments.  I’d wanted to sell ever since the split and move somewhere smaller, but couldn’t face putting it up for sale, having viewings while the kids were running around and facing the risk of gazumping, solicitors and the dreaded agents.

I wish I’d contacted them earlier, but when I finally contacted Homes with Options it was a breath of fresh air.  We talked through my options over the phone and then I was visited at home to complete the paperwork.  All I had to do was decide where I wanted to live and they took care of the rest. I can’t recommend them enough.  I have now sold my property and am living in my new home.  Did I downsize?  No, I am now living in a fantastic home with my new partner and his 2 children, debt free and happy that I had a brilliant deal in the end!


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