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Rent To Buy

Reasons to 'Rent to Buy'
Stop throwing
money away on
Rent ! - Invest
in your own home
Buy a home at
a fixed
- inflation proof -
price today!
Build up your
mortgage deposits
with your monthly
rental payments
Why buy with us?
Huge selection
of properties
to choose from
Specialists in
‘Rent to Buy’
Full Text Support*
and Low Fees!
How it works
You buy
the property
of your choice
at a Fixed Price
The monthly fee
and deposit
pay the rent and
build your mortgage
towards the
fixed purchase price
With your
mortgage in place
and a deposit
in good standing
you can then exercise
the option to buy
you home for the
outstanding amount
You buy the property at a fixed price today
You pay your deposit and monthly ‘fee’ which is part rent and part payment towards your purchase price
When your own mortgage is in place and you’ve built up a good deposit then you can exercise your option to buy for the outstanding amount