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Our Team & Our Homes!


Here at our Homes With Options team, we all live in quite different home situations. We all love learning about the various reasons behind living situations, and reasons why people enjoy living in their homes.

So, we thought we would share information about our living circumstances, why we all love living in our homes, and what we are aiming for in the future!


Emma Jones

– Property Broker & Investor

“My husband and I are 18 months into what should have been a 6 month project to extend our 3 bedroom house to a 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom, 2 reception room, ‘kid-proof’ house. The groundwork meant a huge delay due to sewers not being where they should be, pipes running underneath footings and electricity lines being in the wrong place – all great fun!

We purchased this property back in 2007 as a rental property, and decided it was a great location and that we wanted to move in. So, in 2013, we moved in ourselves, with a 1 year old, a 6 year old and our bouncy, excitable, naughty dog, and immediately started the building project around us.

Lessons learned? 1 – That it’s never easy to renovate a house, build an extension and look after 2 kids at the same time. 2 – That it takes longer to do the groundwork than the actual building, so don’t despair! 3 – That neighbours can be very impatient when your scaffolding has to sit on their land while you build.

And 4 – No matter how much your are fed up with living in a building site, when it all comes together it’s very much worth it!”



Carly Davies

– Portfolio Manager

“I bought my house the traditional way (through an agent) about 2 years ago, I have to say it was totally off the cuff. My partner and I had been saving but were a little frivolous with our savings and decided to spend some of it going abroad.

We viewed this house 3 months after returning and could see the investment potential so decided to put an offer in. I was cheeky and went in very low, the vendor upped my offer by £2,000 which we accepted as it was still a great price!

We’ve been living there and doing it up, and are now looking to sell on a Rent to Buy basis next year. We are hoping this will give us the flexibility to move to a new location to a slightly larger house, whilst giving someone else the opportunity to get on the property ladder without the worry of saving a huge deposit first!”



Yasmin Scott

– Property Marketer

“I currently live in a rental flat in with my boyfriend and my mother. We all came to this (slightly unusual!) living situation a year ago, when we realised it was the perfect solution for all of us. We can all share the costs between the three of us, meaning the cost of renting and bills isn’t as expensive as it often can be.

My boyfriend and I are currently saving up for a deposit on a home of our own, in the near future. We will hopefully be able to afford a deposit on a Rent to Buy property situation within the next year or so, as lease purchasing is something we feel would really suit our circumstances. Buying our first property as a Rent to Buy will mean we wouldn’t have to wait a long time to save up for the deposit (as a lease purchase deposit is far less than a mortgage deposit), as well as allowing us to save while we’re living in our future home.

We also feel a Rent to Buy would suit us as it would provide us with extra money, as lease purchasing spreads the cost of buying out over a longer period, rather than having to pay the full costs of buying right away. This means we’d have more expendable money to keep doing the things we enjoy, and save up for the future in other ways.”



If you would like to tell us about your living situation, or what you would like to change about your circumstances to make your home more suited to you in the future, contact us today!

We arrange flexible, easy solutions to any living dilemmas, and we will find your ideal home for you. Rent to Buy provides the solution for many different circumstances and property dilemmas, so let us help you today.