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Case Study – You Can Help Your Children Onto The Property Ladder!


In today’s property market, it can be worrying for young people who are looking to get onto the property ladder. It can then be especially worrying for the parents of those young people, who want to see their children owning their first home, rather than endlessly renting.

One of our recent couples found themselves in this situation, where they wanted to try and help their son get on the property ladder, without purchasing a house for him through a traditional sale. When they discovered our Rent to Buy scheme, they knew it was the perfect solution for helping their son in a productive way.

Our Rent to Buy scheme allowed our couple to acquire the house by paying the downpayment, and securing affordable monthly payments. The couple lived in Rhondda, and managed to find a property nearby, which they found ideal.

The property is a fantastic smallholding, which they managed to purchase for well under the market value. The house is a doer-upper, which provides the family with the project that they were after. The couple and their son intend on fixing up the property, and increasing the market value significantly.

Then, after the family have increased the property’s value, they will be able to purchase the home in around 4-5 years’ time. The lease term is 5 years in total, which they believe will be enough time to allow their son to become financially viable and stable enough to get a mortgage on the property for the final asking price remaining.

This means that the couple can pay the downpayment, and pay for the home monthly for 5 years, until their son is able to takeover the property fully. This overall provides the family with a fantastic solution for helping their son to purchase his first home, and get onto the property ladder, without having to buy a property outright for him.

This is the flexible Rent to Buy scheme they managed to secure on their ideal Rhondda investment:

Purchase Price of £180,000
£5,000 Upfront Downpayment
£750pcm of which £250pcm is deducted from the purchase price
5 years to purchase outright




If you’re in a similar situation, where you want to help your children onto the property ladder, then we believe Rent to Buy could really be the solution you’re after!

You could enter into a Rent to Buy scheme with your son or daughter, and work together to make the payments work, until your child is eligible and ready to acquire a mortgage on the home’s final asking price. Our Rent to Buy schemes are flexible to suit any family or any situation, which means you can find a scheme that works for you.

Don’t allow your son or daughter to throw away money on renting – support them today to purchase their own property flexibly!

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Figures are intended for illustration purposes only, Homes With Options do not give financial or mortgage advice.  You would need to get independent advice from a financial professional regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to be confident that you will be eligible for a mortgage when any lease period comes to the end.