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Case Study: Why Rent to Buy isn’t Just for First-Time Buyers!


There can be certain misconceptions about our Rent to Buy scheme, and mainly it seems to be the assumption that Renting to Buy is solely for first-time buyers. While it is a very worthwhile scheme for these first-time buyers, and does help people get their first step onto the property ladder, it is just as useful for people looking to move properties.

Also, if you are looking to upgrade from your current property, and move to a more expensive property, it can be a great way to ensure that you don’t end up with extra expenses that can be detrimental. For example, if you are trying to move properties, you can end up in a situation where you have to pay two mortgages at a time, also the extra costs of buying and selling properties through agents can be underestimated.

If you want to sell your home and upgrade to a more expensive home, Rent to Buying is for you. We will secure your dream home on a Rent to Buy scheme for you, while we arrange a Rent to Sell scheme on your old property. The schemes will run simultaneously, over the same time period, so that by the time you are ready to fully purchase your new property, your Rent to Sell tenants are ready to purchase your old home. This will help you avoid any financial difficulty, as well as Rent to Buying will help you build up a bigger deposit towards your new more expensive property.


We are so confident that this would be an ideal situation for you to upgrade from your current property, because we have current Rent to Buyers in the same circumstances. One particular circumstance is a couple, now living in Bridgend, Will and Sarah.


Case Study

Will and Sarah had already purchased their first property together in 2009, both as first-time buyers, in Ammanford. They purchased their first property for £110,000 with a £5,500 deposit and around a 4% mortgage loan. Over the years, they had managed to pay off another £8,000 which left them with a house worth £135,000 and only owing £97,500.

However when they put the house on the market for offers over £135,000 they were disappointing to have had a few viewings but no offers. After having their property on the market for a year, they decided to look into other options.

There were more than ready to move on from this property, and had their eyes on a larger property in Bridgend, on the market for £180,000.


We structured the deal as follows:

-Converted their first mortgage to an interest only mortgage with an extra £15,000 borrowed on top of what they owed already.

-Sell their property to a tenant buyer for full sales price of 135,000 with a £10,000 down payment, they have 4 years to get a mortgage and buy.

– Put the £25,000 lump sum as a downpayment on their new house. With 5 years to buy this new house they will have plenty of time from when the first house sells.

We secured Will and Sarah a Rent to Buy, and a Rent to Sell, term of 4 & 5 years each, meaning that their Ammanford property would sell before they wanted to fully purchase their Bridgend property. Also, with the larger initial deposit, as well as the monthly sums over the period, they will be able to secure an easy, affordable mortgage loan for their new property.


Both Will and Sarah are very happy with the situation, and feel secure with both of their Rent to Buy and Sell schemes. Through Homes With Options, they don’t feel like landlords of their old property. They also are able to make improvements on their current property, with the extra money that they have saved through Rent to Buy. Also, the improvements are in acknowledgement of the fact that they do fully own their new Bridgend property, just in an easier, more affordable way than if they had tried a straight sale.

Sarah says: “We wish we had heard about Rent to Buy before we bought our first property! It’s a much easier way of securing your desired property, as well as an affordable mortgage. We feel completely safe in the knowledge that our old home is being taken care of, and we look forward to our secure future in our new home. We finally live in our dream home, and would like to thank Homes With Options for making it possible.”


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