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Case Study – The Smart Way to Upgrade


If you’re already on the property ladder, it can often be just as difficult trying to upgrade to a larger property as it is trying to purchase your first home. This is particularly true if your first property is quite small, and you’re looking to move into a significantly larger home.

One of our young couples, Ben and Chloe, recently found this to be a difficult process as they were trying to upgrade within Cardiff’s city centre. They were currently living in a small 2-bedroom house in quite an expensive area of the city, where they were struggling to save money, and wanted to move to another part of the city where they could get more for their money.

In total, Ben and Chloe were paying out approximately £800pcm to live in their 2-bedroom property, and wanted to reduce these payments significantly.

The property they had their eye on was in a great area of the city, where they knew they could easily afford the cheaper monthly payments. Additionally, the property was a much larger, 4-bedroom property, which would allow them to upgrade for actually much less than they were paying before.

The property had a final asking price of £87,500, and they could secure the property for a minimal upfront downpayment of just £5000. They now only pay £550pcm to live in the home, in a lease option of 3 years, after which they will be able to secure a mortgage on the property.

This is their total lease term:

Price of £87,500
£5,000 Upfront Downpayment
£550pcm of which £125pcm is deducted from the purchase price
3 years to purchase outright

Therefore, Ben and Chloe have managed to upgrade and move into their second property in a smart way, through our flexible Rent to Buy scheme! Renting to Buy is a fantastic way to move into a new, larger property, as it provides you an easy, stress-free solution.

Rent to Buy really isn’t just for first-time buyers! Also, if you want to upgrade with us, we can even help you to sell your house in a stress-free way as you move into your new, larger home.


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Figures are intended for illustration purposes only, Homes With Options do not give financial or mortgage advice.  You would need to get independent advice from a financial professional regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to be confident that you will be eligible for a mortgage when any lease period comes to the end.