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Case Study: Why Rent to Buy isn’t Just for First-Time Buyers!


There can be certain misconceptions about our Rent to Buy scheme, and mainly it seems to be the assumption that Renting to Buy is solely for first-time buyers. While it is a very worthwhile scheme for these first-time buyers, and does help people get their first step onto the property ladder, it is just as useful for people looking to move properties.


What is LTV (Loan To Value)?


LTV is simply a shorthand version of Loan To Value, which is a common financial term. It is typically used by lenders to express the ratio of the loan in relation to the value of the property, or asset, purchased. It is normally presented as the percentage of your property that has been mortgaged to you. For example, if you had a 10% deposit on your mortgage, then your LTV would be the remaining 90%. (The 10% of the property that you own is referred to as your Home Equity – which we discussed in greater detail here.)


Questions from Buyers – 9 of Your FAQs Answered!

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If you are interested in our flexible Rent to Buy schemes through Homes With Options, you may have some questions about how it can work for and benefit you. Also, you may be wondering how eligible you are with regards to your situation or any financial concerns. We have therefore compiled a list of the most asked enquiries, regarding your situation as the Buyer. If you are considering this scheme, and if this is the right way for you to get a step up onto the property ladder, then please take a look at our answers below:


What Can Homes With Options Do For You?


Homes With Options is not an estate agent. We are an introducer and broker for lettings and seller financed properties. We are experts in Rent to Buy (or Rent to Own, and Rent to Sell for sellers), which is an efficient, flexible scheme that offers both the buyer and seller tailor-made, individual options on each property. Rent to Buy creates a unique contract for every property, which consists of a buyer purchasing a property over a fixed yearly term, while they live in the property and pay monthly rent as they save for and add to the mortgage deposit. (Discover more about our beneficial Rent to Buy scheme, through Homes With Options, in our article here.)


How Does Rent to Buy Work for Me?


Rent to Buy is simply a way to buy or sell something, except that the transaction does not take place immediately. The Rent to Buyer and Rent to Seller basically agree to the possibility of a sale sometime in the future, usually in a few years’ time, and draw up a contract agreement. In the meantime, the Rent to Buyer lives in the property, and pays rent to the Rent to Seller, which also contributes to reducing their house deposit when they go to purchase the home in the future.


Want to Rent to Buy? We’ll Find Your Perfect Home!


If you are interested in our Rent to Buy scheme, but aren’t sure where to start looking for your ideal property, we can help. Househunting can be stressful, and an even greater unnecessary burden trying to secure a property to Rent to Buy. Here at Homes With Options, we can take the headache out of househunting: we will find your perfect home for you!


What is Rent to Buy?


Rent to Buy is a UK wide scheme, designed for people wishing to live in their dream houses, which they intend to buy in a few years time.

Homes with Options specialise in this scheme, called Rent to Buy but also known as Rent to Own, Let to Own or Lease to Buy. The scheme is designed to ease the transition between renting and buying and allow  people to be able to afford to buy their own home quickly and hassle free.