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Already on The Property Ladder? Rent To Buy Will Work for You!



If you think that Rent to Buy is a scheme only intended for helping first time buyers onto the property ladder, then you would be mistaken. Although Rent to Buy does help new buyers get their first step up, the scheme is designed to help all buyers looking to purchase a new property.

In fact, contrary to popular belief, the majority of our Rent to Buyers have been on the property ladder previously, and simply want to find an easier solution to purchasing a new property.

3 reasons Rent to Buy and lease purchasing a home is a great thing to do, even if you are already on the housing ladder, are:

#1 – To move to a larger property
#2 – To move to a new area
#3 – Don’t want to feel forced to undersell your current property in current market conditions

If you are trying to sell your home in current market conditions you will either be forced (or more likely your agent will suggest) to lower the asking price of your property in order to shift it, or if you can’t lower the asking price, it will just sit on the open market for years.

With a Rent to Buy purchase, the homeowners has 2 choices: either rent out their home out and become landlords, or, an even better option would be to Rent to Sell their current home to first-time buyers and move into a larger home on the same set-up. This second option is a real win-win situation.


One previous example of a couple who were already on the property ladder, but wanted to sell their home and move onto another, are a lovely couple called Matt and Louise. They have been homeowners for 5 years, with their first home, which they bought for £99,000 and is now worth around the same. For the past year or so, they have been considering moving into a new, larger home. However, the main preventative in selling their first home was that they couldn’t get the right price that they were asking for, and their estate agents told them they wouldn’t be able to sell the property at the price they wanted.

Luckily, they found out about Rent to Buy, and realised how it could help them in their situation. As the house price they wanted for their first property was not currently viable, they decided that they would move out anyway, but into a Rent to Buy property. They had their eye on one property in Bridgend, which we secured for them only having to put down an initial payment of £6,000 with monthly payments of £675 for an agreed 5 year term. This means they would accumulate £12,000 altogether over the 5 years, which they could put towards buying the property with that mortgage deposit and with the sale of their previous home.

However, this term is arranged flexibly, as they will be able to put a mortgage deposit down on the property far sooner if they manage to sell their first home before the 5 year term ends. As for their first property, they are looking into either renting it out for the time being, until the property prices are on the rise again, or hopefully embarking on a Rent to Sell term on that property, which will end before their 5 year term on their new property finishes.

In Matt and Louise’s situation, Rent to Buy was the perfect solution to allow them to move onto a new property, and move further up the property ladder.

So, if you find yourself stuck on the property ladder, living in a home that you no longer want to own, Rent to Buy is easily the solution for you, too. Through a Rent to Buy scheme, you will be afforded the time you need to be able to sell your old property, as well as being free of any financial strain. The initial payments needed for a Rent to Buy deal is far less than a mortgage deposit would be, so it would mean a lot less pressure for you.

Additionally, we could help you work out a Rent to Buy scheme for you and you new property, while matching your old property up with a new family, so you will have two flexible schemes that help the other.

Find out more about how Rent to Buy can work here, and see more examples of happy couples we have helped previously here. Or just contact us now for more information beneficial to you!